Treasure Hunt 3.0


Dear friends,

It’s our pleasure to open gates for most awaited event of the year ‘Treasure hunt 3.0’. This time with all new treasures, which are still not discovered and hidden around us. This is the our unique event which is combination of fun, run, game and thrills. We have lots of great challenges and mind games for you.

Appeal to join us with family and friends. So, registration will open soon with full details, don’t wait for the last our rush and enroll your seats.

Event Details


Event Date: 11-05-2019, Saturday

Registration Link: Active

Registration closing date: 03-05-2019

Event Responsible: Bhargav – 9601258705, Nirant – 9879611332

Fee: 100 ₹ / participant (includes medal, start-up kit and high tea)

Payment: Cash at Daimond Goldy, Sardar Arcade, Station Road or Paytm/Google Pay @9601258705 – Bhargav Mistree

Venue: Sumul Dairy Parlour, Khedut Sangh, Station Road, Bardoli

Rules and Regulation *

  1. Each team member must to reach treasure point to get points.
  2. Delay to reach finish line minus points after cutoff minus points.
  3. Bonus points for same team if solved equal treasures, this will be based on time.
  4. Marshal will be allocated with each team. Marshall will follow by cycle, bike or car.
  5. Club will be constitute team once event entry closed.
  6. Check point falling left and right side can be passed from any side.
  7. Bonus point will be posted on route (like flags, Cheats, Boxes).
  8. Club is not responsible for any accident and damages.
  9. Team cannot help other teams to solve clues.
  10. It may be possible common clues between teams.
  11. Team can take help of local pedestrians.
  12. No motorized support is allowed during event.
  13. If any member of your team decided to quit will inform first to marshal.
  14. Quit of single team member will minus 15 point.
  15. Clues are based on city famous landmark, shopping mall, local shop, eatery, Historical places,puzzles etc.
  16. This is not mandatory to solve all clues. Solving as possible will be advantage.
  17. Each team member must deploy one captain for governing team.
  18. Marshal decision is final at check point.
  19. Any misbehave with marshal will be termination of team.
  20. Team start time will be counted once clues are handover to team captain.
  21. Each team will have same duration to solve clues but may be start time vary.
  22. Achievement certificate and medals will be given to each members.
  23. Winner will be appreciated.
  24. Winner will be declare based on solved most treasures.
  25. Winning team will be declare once all team reach at finish line.
  26. There will be minor event fees per team or per member.
  27. Team allocation will be done by event managing team.
  28. Detail rules and briefing will be done prior to event.

* Date, Rules and Timing are subjected to change.

“Winner wins the game, legend changes the game.”

Team BR