Bardoli runner won 161 km trail ultra race held at Saputara

Samir Kavani completed 161 km race in 31 hours.

In the three-day summit held at Saputara by Surti Runners Group, Samir Kavani of Bardoli completed a race of 161 km (100 miles) in 31 hours.

For the past four years, the ‘Summit’ Ultra Race is organized by Surti Runners Group. In which various races of 25, 50, 100, 161 and 220 kms were held. More than 150 participants took part in this event. Bardoli Runners’ Samirbhai Kavani took part in the competition of 161 km. Race was started from the Saputara Shilpi Hotel, passing through downhill and trails of Gullkund Ahwa Dangs Forest, ended at Shilpi Hotel.

Bardoli’s Samir Kavani finished the race in 31 hours, which is to be completed in 32 hours, and became the first winner. From the organizer, he was rejuvenated by the medals and the winners’ trophy. This victory was congratulated by various organizations and society of Bardoli. Apart from this, Abhay Patel, Jitubhai Panchal, Dr. Jayesh Solanki, Jayeshbhai Gajanand, Nilesh Patel, and Ravi Dodia also finished the race taking part in 25 and 50km in the summit.

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